The CORE clinic merges traditional medicine with scientific, research-based innovations of metabolic and functional medicine to customize treatments for patients based on their unique hormonal, metabolic, nutrient, cellular profile and needs.

Our approach is to get to the root causes of an illness or concern and at the same time help patients manage their symptoms. We address health issues such as chronic illness management and disease prevention by sound measurement and testing, comprehensive consultations and well-rounded treatment plans which could include nutrition, lifestyle, medicine or supplementation. Our programs are not only limited to treating illness but to helping patients achieve optimum health and vitality.



Our mission is to help our patients live long and live well.


Dr. Sheree Bondoc is a board-certified Fellow by the Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (POGS) and a Certified Fellow in Metabolic, Nutritional and Functional Medicine from the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and George Washington University.

Her primordial cause is to help people live better quality lives by improving one’s health. She believes that medicine should not only treat symptoms but solve the root cause of the problem, making people healthy at the core. Ultimately, Dr. Sheree’s goal is help her patients live long and live well.



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  • Our mission has always been to help patients live long and well through personalized management. While we want to serve as many people as possible, because of the nature of our practice, we can only manage a limited number of patients to maintain the quality of our care.

    Our calendars are quite full right now. Should you wish to be on our waitlist, you can email the following details to: reservations@corephilippines.com.

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