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Intermittent Fasting For Women

The Basics of Intermittent Fasting The concept of Intermittent fasting (IF) g...

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What is Estrogen Dominance?

The female hormonal system is beautifully complex. In a balanced hormonal sys...

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Menopause and Weight

There are a number of factors that can contribute to weight gain during menop...

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Is it hot in here or is it hot flashes?

  What are hot flashes?  Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause, ...

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Menopause: A season of hormonal shifts

Menopause is the natural process that occurs when a woman’s body stops ...

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Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disorders can be described as a condition where the body’s i...

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Ms. Teresa Herrera takes a break with the NAD+ IV “Me-TIME” these days … A go...

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Are you on the pill?

Did you know that the use of synthetic oral contraceptives have been associat...


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