Dra. Sheree Bondoc: The Doctor You Need!

Dra. Sheree Bondoc: The Doctor You Need!
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Dr. Sheree Bondoc is the driving force behind the Core Clinic’s customized treatment programs.

More than being a brilliant medical doctor, Dr. Sheree is known for her compassion and empathy. She takes the time to listen to each patient who comes in- asking about their history, what they are feeling, and what they would like to achieve with the treatment. She also places great emphasis on “research based” treatment modalities knowing fully well that each patient needs customized and personalized care.

Dr. Sheree is a certified Fellow in Metabolic, Nutritional and Functional Medicine from the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and George Washington University.

It’s also important to note that she is one of only two MMI-certified Filipino doctors currently practicing in the country.

Besides her functional and metabolic medicine practice, Dr. Sheree is also an accomplished OB-GYN and cosmetic gynecologist.

She co-founded the Core Clinic because of her passion to help people live better quality lives. Dr. Sheree believes that people should not just be living longer, but living better. This is why she goes to great lengths to solve each patient’s core problem instead of merely treating symptoms.

What sets Dr. Sheree apart from other doctors is her ability to explain and correlate symptoms. Her assessments and consultations are extensive and in-depth; she goes through details and pieces of information exhaustively in order to get to the bottom of the problem.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheree for your metabolic problems or other health issues, you may visit our website,www.corephilippines.com

You may also leave us a message at info@corephilippines.com and (+63) 917-889-0512

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