Hormone Balance- Having the right amount of hormones in the body

What is a hormonal imbalance?
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Hormone balance
What is a hormonal imbalance?

Hormone balance is critical in achieving and maintaining optimal health.  As hormones are essential in regulating bodily functions, hormone balance is important: As mentioned in the earlier post, there are generally 3 indications for what is a hormonal imbalance.

For this entry, we will discuss the first one, which is when we don’t have the right levels of hormones in the body- either too much or too little; that’s why it is critical that you are guided by a qualified and trained medical practitioner in your journey of hormone balance. Self-medicating might do more harm than good.

Below are some examples of hormonal having too much or too little hormones:

  • Hypothyroidism  and hyperthyroidism- these are classic cases of not having the right levels of hormones. Hypothyroidism results from not having enough thyroid hormones, while hyperthyroidism is an indication of having too much.


  •  Too much Estrogen in women can cause anxiety, mood swings and an increased risk in certain cancers. Having too little Estrogen however, may manifest symptoms such as hot flushes, irregular periods and weight gain.

As we see in the two examples above, having too little too much hormones in your body can lead to unwanted symptoms and detrimental side effects on our health and overall disposition.

It is important to emphasize however that it is not enough that you have the right amount of hormone levels in your blood- there is also the element of how well your body utilizes these hormones. We’ll talk more about that in the next blog post.

If you suspect that you have a hormonal imbalance and are looking for a safe, effective and holistic way to manage these to guide your to hormone balance, we can help.


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