Prevention is Still Better than Treatment: Know Your Risk for Breast Cancer!

Prevention is Still Better than Treatment: Know Your Risk for Breast Cancer!
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The numbers are truly alarming. One in every 13 Filipina women is expected to develop breast cancer in her lifetime. It could be sooner or later, but the risk factor for Filipinos remains very high. An earlier study published in the International Journal of Cancer showed alarmingly high incidences (55.1 per 100,000) of breast cancer in Manila. Other Asian cities do not have the same statistics.

While experts have yet to identify the real cause for high breast cancer prevalence in the Philippines, there’s something we can do to keep the numbers from rising. Majority of Filipinas are diagnosed to have breast cancer in the late stages – usually Stage 3 or Stage 4. This leaves them with very little option for treatment. By then, the cancer has usually spread to other parts of the body, and the chances of winning the battle are very small.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in Filipino women. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, we at the Core Clinic, would like to echo the call for early detection and testing for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is Hormone-Related

Poor metabolism of the female hormone  Estrogen is one of the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer. The Core Clinic uses the DUTCH hormone test to measure an individual’s hormone levels as well as how efficiently the body is using these hormones.

Heredity or genes is also a big risk factor. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you have a higher likelihood of developing it yourself.

It’s a gentle but very complicated balance of testing and research-based, scientific treatments that is accessible to every Filipina. Management of these risk factors are available at the CORE clinic at Centuria Medical City, Makati.

Improve Your Quality of Life

We’ve seen too many families suffer the loss of a loved one from breast cancer. Knowing early can put the minds of so many women at ease. Testing for breast cancer will also allow them ample time to modify their lifestyles and opt for a healthier, more balanced life to
keep it from happening.

At the Core Clinic, we advocate for a better quality of life for everyone. We believe in functional medicine to enhance a person’s life, boost energy, extend vitality so you get more out of each and every day!  More importantly, we offer safe and effective solutions to a wide range of medical and health problems for both men and women.

Allow us to guide you back to better health. Visit our website, or leave us a message at and (+63) 917-889-0512

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